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Data Access

Data ACcess



  • EFI-EST - Generate a SSN for a protein sequence, protein family, or combination of protein families with 100,000 sequences or less. Check the size of a protein family below.
  • EST-Precompute - A complete library of precomputed SSNs for Pfam protein families.


  • Download and browse the InterPro and Pfam family membership statistics (total and nonredundant sequences) by family identifier or protein family name. InterPro release 49:

         INTERPRO  |    PFAM


Experimental Data


EFI-DB – The EFI-DB is a public database of EFI determined experimental data.

Start here with the EFI-DB Tutorial or jump to EFI-DB data for a specific class or family:

 AH  |  EN  |  GST  |  HAD  |  IS   |  SAM  |  SBP  |  REG  |

Find an Enzyme

  • Find an EFI-targeted enzyme and it’s associated experimental data

Search in the EFI-DB by ID (Jump to Target) or by amino acid sequence (FASTA search)



Need help finding an enzyme?  See EFI-QuickHelps

Other databases in which we deposit target information as it becomes available:

  • UniProt/SwissProt - the central hub for the collection of functional information on proteins, with accurate, consistent and rich annotation. In EFI2015, UniProt curators will carry out the transfer of detailed annotations from the EFI into the UniProt database.
  • PSI KnowledgeBase – a continually updated portal to research data and other resources primarily from the PSI
  • TargetDB – a target registration database, providing information on the experimental progress and status of targets primarily from PSI centers
  • PepcDB - Protein expression purification and crystallization DataBase, providing target and protocol information contributed primarily by PSI centers
  • PDB - Protein Data Bank, a worldwide repository of information about the 3D structures of large biological molecules
  • PSI-MR, PSI materials repository, maintains and distributes protein expression plasmids and vectors created primarily by the PSI centers